Membership Benefits

It’s the missing piece you need.

At a big hospital, you’ve got vast resources available. But what you don’t have is advice and support from people like you, with jobs like yours, at hospitals like yours — in a confidential, vendor-free environment.

The four big benefits of being a member:

1 Actionable advice, on demand, from people who actually have the answers.

  • Real best practices. Discover the solutions that experienced practitioners really use. Get the confidence and credibility that comes from benchmarking against the best programs.
  • Solve problems faster. Get answers, when you need them, from people who have already figured it out.
  • Get help in times of crisis and change. When things change, we’re all newbies again. Have a go-to network who can help.

2 The leadership support you need to run a great program.

  • Engage in management-level discussions. This is the only place talking about the specific challenges facing the people managing a program — not the tactics of people doing the day-to-day execution.
  • Grow a trusted network. Build relationships with leaders like you.
  • It’s like having a personal advisory board. There are certain things you can only talk about with other leaders running programs like yours.

3 Reduce risk.

Whatever you’re planning, someone in the community knows the pitfalls. Sleep better knowing you’ll never be caught by surprise. It’s an insurance policy that protects you and your hospital.

4 A supportive community that helps you win.

Surround yourself with generous people who understand you and want to help — because we’re all in this together.

You’ll get fast answers

Learn just how efficient and easy membership is.