How social media leaders are responding to the Facebook ad boycott

This week, 220 social media leaders from 157 brands discussed how they’re planning to respond to civil rights groups calling for corporations to cease paid advertising on Facebook for the month of July.

It was a confidential call, exclusively for members.

The key takeaways from the call:

  • 14% of brands are planning to pause paid ads on Facebook through July
  • Of those participating in the boycott, 22% are pausing organic and 55% are pausing activity on Instagram as well
  • 49% of brands are currently undecided
  • 17% of brands are not participating in the July boycott (of these, 73% plan to participate in #BlackOutDay on July 7)

What was only discussed in this confidential, vendor-free community:

  • How they’re making their decisions
  • Which companies are making each choice and why
  • How they’re planning for backlash — regardless of their decision
  • The questions they’re focusing on in their internal discussions
  • How their plan integrates with their public statements on equity and inclusion

This information is crucial as social media leaders at major brands craft their strategies.

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